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07 May Do I Have Pre-Diabetes?

As the American population continues to become overweight or obese, diabetes is becoming increasingly prevalent. If the chronic disease runs in your family, you may have wondered if you’re next. To help you understand pre-diabetes and how to prevent type 2 diabetes, here are some...

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06 Apr 10 Must-Know Facts about Obesity

Being overweight or obese leads to a wide range of negative health consequences. Unfortunately, obesity rates have significantly increased over recent decades. To help you stay educated on the epidemic, here are 10 need-to-know facts about obesity. Obesity Facts 1. The Center for Disease Control and...

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05 Feb February is American Heart Month

As the leading cause of death for Americans, heart disease claims approximately 1 million lives a year. Fortunately, heart disease can be preventable by making heart-healthy choices. As an effort to bring awareness to heart disease, February has been named American Heart Month, a federally-designated...

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