Lakeview Family Medicine | Diabetes Management in Orem and Saratoga Springs
Don’t let diabetes take over your life. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll help you get your diabetes under control.
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Diabetes Management

Diabetes Management

Managing diabetes can be difficult, but it’s absolutely worth it. Your life is precious, and you shouldn’t gamble on it with the many complications that can accompany out-of-control diabetes, including problems for your heart, kidney, eyes, and even your nerves.

At our clinic, our top priorities are your health and your quality of life. We offer personalized care, combined with the best and latest technology, to help you manage your diabetes.

The right diabetes medication for you

One key aspect of diabetes management is choosing the right medication. We use modern techniques like genetic profiling to determine which medication is best suited for you. We want to make sure you’re comfortable with the action plan we design for you.


Your diabetes health coach

Our clinic is proud to be an independent health care provider. When you come to see us, you won’t feel like just a patient being passed through a system. Instead, we’ll act as your personal health coaches. We’re a small team headed up by physician Dr. Kenneth Crump, who has years of experience helping patients with diabetes.