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Have you been eating healthy and dieting and still not losing weight? It can be frustrating when the numbers on the scale don’t move. But did you know there may be some unexpected factors that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts?

Here are five common reasons why you’re not losing weight.

Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

1. Lack of sleep
A good night’s sleep does wonders for your mental and physical health. When your short on sleep, it can hinder your weight loss progress. In fact, studies show that lack of sleep is a big factor for obesity. Unfortunately, one third of Americans aren’t getting enough sleep on a regular basis. We recommend aiming for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

2. Prescription medication
Certain prescription medications can cause you to hold on to weight, retain fluid, or even lead to weight gain over a period of time. Although you may be tempted to stop taking your medication, it’s important to speak with your doctor first.

3. Stress
Stress could be a major culprit in your inability to lose weight. During times of stress, cortisol rises, which can turn your overeating into a habit and lead to higher insulin levels. If you think your extra weight is lingering due to stress, find things to help you relax and feel happy.

4. Lack of water
Drinking water is a great benefit to weight loss. To reduce your daily caloric intake, drink a glass of water before a meal. This will help your body absorb the nutrients and aid in digestion.

5. Too much alcohol
If you’re on a mission to lose weight, you’ll have to cut back on the sugary, high-calorie drinks, such as beer and wine. Instead, stick to zero-calorie mixed drinks.

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