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Eating healthy is just as important for kids as it is for the rest of us. But it’s not always easy to get your children to chow down on greens and whole grains. There are a couple ways to help kids get excited about food that’s good for them. One way is to make the food fun with exciting shapes or themes. Another way is to mix a familiar favorite (like simple crackers) with something unfamiliar (like spinach dip). Below, we’ve collected some ideas we think both you and your kids will love.

  1. Apples with peanut butter

This perennial favorite is a surefire hit with kids. Mix things up a little by adding some cinnamon to the peanut butter. If you’re feeling fancy, you can dip the apple first, and then roll it in toasted almonds.

  1. “Fancy” cheese

To make cheese more exciting, use a cookie cutter to cut it into fun shapes, like stars or balloons. Your children will hardly notice when you pair the shapes with whole wheat crackers.

  1. Healthy parfaits

No kid can resist the layers. Combine blueberries and strawberries (or any favorite fruit), with dollops of granola and fresh yogurt.

  1. Cucumber boats

Speaking of yogurt, these cucumber boats make a less kid-friendly vegetable into a super cool treat. Get the complete recipe over on

  1. Whole grain chips and guacamole

Avocado is packed with nutrients that will help your kids grow. Plus, you can get extra points with your kids by letting them mash the avocado themselves—not to mention you’ll save some time.

  1. Black bean quesadillas

Substitute white flour tortillas with whole wheat tortillas, and then add black beans to your favorite cheese. You can make these in your microwave or over the stove with a frying pan. For extra kid-appeal, cut into triangles and serve with salsa.

  1. Ants on a log

Put a twist on this classic by trying out almond butter instead of peanut butter, and using dark chocolate chips rather than raisins. Your kids will hardly taste the celery underneath.

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