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When you think of allergies, a bright red rash, or a slew of sneezes might pop into your mind first. However, there are many allergy symptoms that fly under the radar. Certain irritations may cause you to think you have one medical condition, when the real culprit is allergies. Read on to discover some conditions that may surprise you.

1. A swollen tongue

If you have a swollen tongue, you might think you suffer from a mouth infection of some sort. However, it’s possible there’s an oral allergy instead. Some people with hayfever can also experience reactions to certain fruits and vegetables. This is because there is a protein in hay that is similar to the protein in these foods. The body gets confused and acts as if it’s being irritated by hay.

2. An isolated headache

Headaches aren’t uncommon for allergy sufferers. But usually, they go along with a stuffed up head and runny nose. However, even a headache by itself can actually be a symptom of seasonal or airborne allergies. Many might think they have migraines, so a trip to the doctor is worth finding out the truth.

3. Black spots

Most people who are encounter poison ivy develop a red, itchy rash. In rare cases though, some may develop black spots across the skin instead. So if you’re seeing these after a hike, there’s no need to panic immediately. You may simply be suffering a non-life-threatening allergic reaction.

4. Itchy ears

Just because your ear is itchy, doesn’t mean you have an ear infection. Even with no other symptoms, this could actually be caused by airborne allergies. It’s especially common in kids, and the right medication can get it sorted out quickly.

5. Morning throat

Many people who have allergies have a sore throat in the morning that improves throughout the day. If your sore throat gradually disappears as the day goes on, you may have a seasonal allergy, rather than strep throat or a cold.

Discover the source of your allergies

If you have experienced any of these symptoms on a regular basis, but don’t know why, come in for an appointment. We’ll help you discover the source of your discomfort. If we suspect allergies, you’ll undergo allergy testing for over 60 potential allergens, including dust, mold, animals, etc. All our tests are needle-free and carried out right at our office during your appointment.

Get allergy relief

The types of treatments we provide are tailored specifically to you and your needs. They also have a proven track record—over 85% of patients report lessened or eliminated symptoms. They can even be conveniently self-administered from home. We accept most insurances and we would love to hear from you, so schedule an appointment today.