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From irresistible dinner rolls to delicious desserts, the holiday dinner table is a smörgåsbord of seasonal indulgences. But are you wanting to indulge and not completely sabotage your healthy efforts? You’re not alone. Fortunately, these simple and tasty food swaps will help you enjoy your holiday meal without the guilt.

Healthy Holiday Swaps

Swap dinner rolls with a veggie tray.
Rather than reaching for the dinner rolls that spike then drop your blood sugar, opt for low-calorie, high-nutrient vegetables, such as peppers, broccoli, celery, and carrots. In addition to the beneficial nutrients and vitamins, vegetables will help you avoid overeating.

Swap green bean casserole for roasted Brussels sprouts.
Green bean casserole is a staple dish during the holidays. However, the fried onions, butter, cheese, salt, and cream of mushroom soup makes this traditional side far from healthy. Instead, try roasting Brussels sprouts for a savory, fiber-packed dish.

Swap white wine for red wine.
If you love toasting to the holidays, reach for a glass of red wine over white. Although they have almost the same amount of calories, red wine reduces your risk of heart problems and provides antioxidants. Keep in mind that the benefits come when you drink in moderation, so stick with a two drink limit.

Swap deep-fried turkey with roasted turkey.
Deciding on your main dish for your holiday buffet? Although deep-frying your turkey packs a flavorful punch, it can add an unnecessary amount of fat and unhealthy oils to your turkey. Instead, opt for a skinless oven-roasted or braised turkey.

Swap pie with grilled fruit.
After enjoying your savory holiday meal, you and your guests will likely crave something sweet. Instead of filling your dessert table with pie, choose to bake, roast, or grill fruit. Add a crumble made from almond butter, rolled oats, and spices for an extra treat.

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The holidays are a time to make family memories and indulge in tasty feasts. While it’s important to keep your healthy habits in check, it’s okay to give yourself some wiggle room. If you need help balancing your health and happiness, call Lakeview Family Medicine today. We’re confident in the health principles we preach and would love for you to come see us for a consultation.