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Fall means new pencils, lunch boxes, and that perfect back-to-school outfit. It also means lots of infections. As kids gather in classrooms, they’ll be exposed to many viruses. That’s why now is a great time to make sure your children are caught up on their vaccines. Getting them vaccinated is incredibly important to their long term health. Plus, it not only protects them from harm, but also helps shield the other children they interact with.


Outbreak can still happen, even for diseases that are widely vaccinated. In 2014, the U.S. had almost 700 cases of measles. Last year, around 9,000 cases of whooping cough were reported. The best thing you can do to prevent these outbreaks is to get your children the right vaccines at the right time. Making sure they are vaccinated before they enter school is particularly valuable, and is required by the state of Utah.

Utah requires vaccines

Utah requires specific vaccines for children. Unless you have an exemption form, you’ll need to make sure your children receive these vaccines before they attend school. There are two main sets of vaccines: one before kindergarten, which includes Polio, Measles, Hepatitis, and the other before 7th grade, which includes Tdap and Meningococcal. You can review the full list of required vaccinations here.

Getting vaccines on schedule

Getting vaccines on schedule is important. There are 14 vaccines that young children need to protect them from potentially life-threatening ailments. The CDC offers a schedule you can review to get the right shots at the right time.

However, it’s important to remember that even if your children are behind on their vaccinations, they should still get them! It’s never too late to start. For this reason the CDC also outlines a “catch-up” schedule for immunizations.

Our clinic offers vaccines

Our clinic offers the vaccines you need to get your children ready for school. We can also promise a great bedside manner for even the most squeamish of kids. You have enough on your plate; you shouldn’t need to worry about your children coming down with anything serious. Schedule your appointment today to confirm the vaccines you need and be ready for school.